Jet Reports Support

Reporting can be a challenge; how you design the report, when or how to automate them, and what an ad-hoc report request should look like are all things to consider. Not to mention, keeping your team up to date with the product release cycle, and ensuring your super-users know how to leverage and train on the newest functionality makes this quick and easy tool a little less valuable to you over time.

With dedicated support from the team at Tigunia, you get access to Jet Reports inside support experts who know everything you need to know (and even some things you don’t) about how Jet Reports work.

Whether we’ve trained your team or not, we offer support for all Jet Reports features and functions, which include (but are not limited to):
  • Report writing
  • Ad Hoc report creation
  • User training
  • Jet Reports product on-boarding
  • Jet Reports implementation
  • Report troubleshooting
  • New feature best practice
  • Designing your reports
  • When to upgrade to Jet Analytics
  • More…

Designed by the bright minds of Tigunia – masters in Microsoft Dynamics, our Report Support services were made to stop your distress signals and deliver the operational advantage you deserve. Our team of Jet Reports specialists not only know a thing or two about the product, but they also came from Jet Global, so you know that they know what you don’t know.

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