Jet Reports

We are huge fans of Jet Reports, the leading reporting solution for Microsoft Dynamics ERP users worldwide. We use it, we recommend it, and we support it. Which is why we know that sometimes, this fast, easy and powerful solution leaves users crying for help!

Even the best-trained super-users can find themselves navigating blind as new features are released, or their team members change and grow. Technology requires maintenance, and so do your reporting skills. You have the right solution, but it’s time to make sure you’re maximizing your potential, so you stay competitive.

Report Support from Tigunia

Full Training

Onsite or remote training classes for every Jet Reports user.

Ad-Hoc Report Training and Writing

Building a new set of reports and need some guidance?

We’ve got training for that too.

Ongoing Report Support

Reports can’t wait; let our reporting experts solving your reporting challenges.

On-going support for your Jet Reports.

Don’t Take Risks With Your Reporting Environment

Our Report Support services pick up where your installation left off. Whether you bought direct, your partner doesn’t offer Jet Reports training, or you’re looking to get better support than you currently have, we have the skills to transform your relationship with Jet Reports.

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